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Discover the Benefits Smart Super Synbiotic

Japan’s 1st Duocap™ Capsule-in-Capsule Technology for a Targeted 2-Step Release to ensure safe delivery of Probiotics to your gut.

Contains 33
Probiotic Strains!

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The No. 1 Diet and Weight Management Supplement brand in Japan, Svelty is an effective and innovative supplement brand that believes in a holistic approach to good health. Delivering functional benefits that will improve your daily diet and achieve real results for your health and body.

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Smart Super Synbiotic

Japan’s 1st DUOCAP™ Capsule-in-Capsule Technology with a synergistic blend of Prebiotics & Probiotics for a targeted 2-step release! Ensures effective and safe delivery of probiotics to the gut for maximal benefit to intestinal microflora.

DUOCAP™ Capsule-in-capsule technology for targeted 2-step release
Prebiotics + Probiotics to improve intestinal health
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Product Lineup

Pakkun Yeast

Digestive Pakkun Yeast helps to break down carbohydrates & sugar. It also helps to block fat from being absorbed by the body.

Black Ginger

Contains 5 black powers to increase metabolism and enhances the body’s natural ability to burn fat.

Smart Bacteria

Promotes regular and healthy bowel movement, helps with digestion and constipation. Promotes good intestinal health & overall well-being.

Pakkun Yeast Triple Premium

Blocks 3 times more fat and carbohydrates. Reduce absorption of sugar and prevent fat accumulation.

Hot Pakkun with
Black Ginger

Block carbohydrates and burn fats. Enhance your body’s fat burn ability and improves energy metabolism and production.

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Indulge without feeling guilty. Its main ingredient breaks down carbohydrates and sugar, preventing them from transforming into fat.

Try Pakkun Yeast

Enhance one’s natural metabolism to accelerate fat burning and increase blood circulation. It also regulates bowel movement.

Try Black Ginger

Improve your intestinal health and keep your gut healthy. Boosts immune health and helps improves digestion & bowel movements.

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Our Approach


We believe strongly in building trust with our loyal customers to deliver safe and effective solutions for real results. We are thankful for the personal testimonials, awards from the 18.2 million boxes that have been sold since launch.


We believe strongly in continual research and development and our labs are consistently developing the latest innovations, quality ingredients and technologies for our products.

Clinically Proven

Backed by extensive clinical studies, our products and formulations are proven for their safety and efficacy.

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Many have asked me how to maintain a healthy weight. I always say the answer is in a healthy diet - the Svelty diet. And if you are a fan of late-night meals like me, Hot Pakkun with Black Ginger would be the perfect supper companion.


The day after a workout when I feel like having rice, noodles or bubble tea, the Pakkun Yeast Triple Premium actually made me feel at ease! This is suitable for carb-lovers like myself.

In the evening, the Hot Pakkun with Black Ginger allows me to stay guilt free whenever I feel like indulging whatever I wish or having a drink or two because I know it has my back.

Naomi Neo

益生菌是我不可或缺的保健品,因为肠胃健康实在太重要了! I take Svelty Smart Bacteria after 3 dinner everyday.........The high concentration of friendly bacteria can help improve the intestinal
environment and boost your immunity. It also helps to keep my body in shape!

Kate Pang

The brand Japanese and Chinese celebrities swear by! I took both the Pakkun Yeast (carb blocker) and Black Ginger (burns fats!) while I was in Japan pigging out and was just so relieved to be able to eat what I want there coz Japanese food is so irresistible.

Wendy Cheng, Xiaxue

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